001. Today has been really fun! I went to Bodean's in Clapham (highly recommend!) and had burger and chilli cheese fries then we went and lay down on Clapham Common in the sun. Currently nursing an epic food baby and watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price (I've never seen it!). Today was like what I imagined my life to be like when I moved to London, Chilling in cool places and meeting nice and interesting people. But my life is just me sitting in my flat on my laptop most of the time!

002. I really cant decide if I want these shoes or not. I've been wanting some flat cute sandals shoes for ages now but I just cannot seem to find *THE* ones. I remember seeing a friend of mine with these oh so perfect ones from Topshop that sold out quicker than the speed of light. These popped on my radar a few days ago, Yay or Nay?

003. YAYAY! Wrestlemania tonight! Its probably common knowledge by now but Im a huge professional wrestling fan so it's a highlight of my year! Last night I saw a man dressed up as Hulk Hogan (moustache and all!) and I practically asked him to marry me. But yeah, I'll probably stay up and watch it. First time ever that I've not watched it with my brother so it's going to be a bit weird cheering on my own! But thanks to social media I wont be alone! #wrestlemania! I didn't have enough money to go home this weekend unfortunately so Im currently just at home. Although it is Easter the week after so I should really go back home to the family then!

004. I've put some old clothes (as well as stuff I've never worn!) on my ebay that I've been wanting to get rid of for a while. I will be adding more stuff when I can but ebay is notiously hard to sell on! When I moved to London I bought the clothes that I actually like wearing so ended up leaving alot of my unwanted stuff at my Mums house. So whenever I go home next I'll bring it back and put it up. ETCLLYMLRS is my only ebay account, Alot of people use my photos but none of them are me! I obviously wont be putting things I wear all the time up (ie my Office Flatforms or my Primark Leather Jacket) but theres a few bits and bobs that I've bought recently and changed my mind on!

005. Free worldwide shipping on JWLRY items ends tomorrow midnight if you wanted to make some last minuite orders, It is going back up to its usual price as of Tuesday morning. I am going to have to raise the price of shipping once the new Royal Mail prices go up at the end of April but Im trying to work out the best way to do it without having the shipping really expensive. Its so ridiculous the Royal Mail raising their prices but generally not having the best service!