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top: asos
leggings: american apparel via asos*
necklace: pieces via asos
jacket: river island
boots: asos
bag: zara (my giveaway for the same bag is here)
nails: rococo t-cup*

Today Im off to meet my long suffering, but doting Father as I haven't seen him in what feels like months! Although on reflection is probably has been months! My baby brother called me this morning and despite it was pretty mumbled (and in some parts shouted!) I'm pretty sure he asked me if I didn't like him anymore! So sad! However I'm just so ridiculously grumpy and tired at the moment while I get over the "withdrawal" period of cutting caffiene. I didn't realise how dependant I was on the stuff until I realised I was drinking 4-5 cups a day plus Coke on top of that! Not good for my health at all!

I wore this outfit to events last night but decided to recycle it for today. Although on reflection the epic hail storm and thunder and lightening currently distracting me from writing this post is probably a sign I am dressed highly inappropriately for the current weather. Oh well. I had a mini ASOS spree when there was a 25% off Marie Claire code and I'd had my eye on this top anyway so decided it was time to purchase it. Its very revealing and I am wearing a Motel Rocks bustier under it! I also wore my new Zara bag too which I adore! It's so big and fits in loads of stuff. I love the way it looks with my Mulberry purse (not showing off, yaddayaddayadda and it's the postmans lock contiental wallet in plaster pink soft buffalo if you're intrested) The Rose Gold hardware on both the items is just to die for. Plus the way the soft grey and the salmon pink look together just really does something for me! More things need to be rose gold! The necklace I'm wearing is actually copper tone but Im going to say its rose gold too ;)