mark hill big blow spraymark hill big blow spraymark hill big blow spray
Mark Hill Big Blow! Spray: boots (£5.99)

Mark Hill Big Blow is a volumizing spray that you spray into damp hair and then blow dry as normal. It claims to make your hair fuller and thicker. I've not actually tried a blow dry spray before, so I can't actually compare it to another product but I did find that it did what it promised.

I found it worked well at adding volume and texture to my hair without adding a ton of product. My hair is very fine and limp because its so long. I always find it ridiculously hard to style after I've washed it as it has very little texture. I blow dry it every day at the moment so Im always frustrated with the lack of volume. My hair felt alot bigger, and bouncier and didn't fall flat two seconds after spending a good half hour blow drying it with a round brush. Big Blow! is non sticky and leaves no residue in the hair which I really liked. I hate the feeling of having tons of product in my hair as it just makes it look ever more limp. I spritz this all over my hair after I've towel dryed it, concentrating the product on the roots and around the top of my head. The product claims that you "can't apply too much as it never overloads", which I think is fairly accurate as I get a bit spray happy and my hair still feels weightlessly volumized and thickened without feeling bogged down with product.

I love the packaging of the Mark Hill products, I have a few more that I'll be reviewing in time. But they are all really funky and fresh without being garish or too much. While my hair isn't reaching epic proportions it does give my hair alot more texture and volume than when I don't use it! I personally give it a thumbs up!