Jolie Petite Iphone Case (from around £17)*

When I got my white iPhone, I posted about wanting a new phone case and then linked to the Decoden delights of Jolie Petite. Soon after the owner, Danielle got in touch with me asking if I wanted one. I've had this case for a while now, but after having a (strange) dream last night related decoden, I thought it was about time I posted about this OTT delight.

I love "tacky" over the top phone cases, they are simply something that really appeals to me. Cant put my finger on why but I just adore them! Jolie Petite phone cases are hand crafted by Danielle who is based in the UK, she sells the cases via Etsy or you can email her directly. The cases vary in price depending on the amount of decoration you want on them. I decided on a sweet themed one with the super cute whipped cream icing. It arrived quickly and well packaged. My phone case has got a bit grubby over time, but this is purely my own fault because I always seem to grab my phone with foundation hands or shove it in my bag. So far none of the pieces have fallen off yet which I'm very happy with. The case itself is quite bulky, but its not heavy or hard to hold.

 She can make cases for practically any phone, iPods, iPads or practically anything that can have a hard case that she can customise. You can check the Jolie Petite Facebook page for examples of other designs she's made in the past as well as discuss your own cases! I highly recommend Jolie Petite if your looking for a cool Decoden