top: new look (mines size 18)*
necklace: topshop
coat: topshop
shoes: asos*
bag: ebay (black medium)
nails: models own hedonist*

Today I wore what I refer to as "my Disco Pants", the American Apparel Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings. I've tried the "blogging famous" AA Disco Pants, but after the shock of not being able to squeeze into a pair initially ( I subsequently found out I can fit into, I just shouldn't eat out with KateEmma so much). They aren't as tight, or as structured as the "proper ones" and are just opaque high shine leggings rather than trousers. But I much prefer these to the Disco Pants on me, much more flattering, not as tight and not nearly as long! I literally had half the trousers bunched up at my ankle when I tried them on! Plus they are £40 less than Disco Pants, which may still be expensive to some people but to me thats much cheaper! I normally wear the American Apparel Spandex Leggings, which I highly recommend too!

Today I've literally been so cold I've been sitting in my Game of Thrones coat all day! Probably didn't help that I was hardly wearing any other clothes apart from a vest and leggings but w/e! Im currently blogging from my bed under a duvet and a blanket with as minimal amount of flesh showing as possible! Cant believe a few days ago I wasn't even wearing tights! Excuse my absolutely miserable expression in todays photos, Im not even sad at the moment, I just looked like I was about to cry in almost every photo I took! Trust me these were the best of the bunch!