how to make instagram posts week in photos tutorial
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Making Instagram or week in photos posts are super easy, Im always surprised by the amount of people that do actually ask me "How do you get your photos like that?". So hopefully this doesn't come off as being patronising, Im just trying to help those who don't understand. Here is my super quick and easy method on how to make Instagram blog posts! I hope that this does help people who were unsure about how to go about making them or people like me who were doing it the long way editing it all in photoshop! Instagram posts are so easy to do and I think are so popular within blogging (who isn't nosey about other peoples lives!) So its great to add it to your regular content roll!
1. Save all your photos to your computer. To do this I use Web.Stagram or you could use your Twitter Image Feed or just get them off your images iPhone manually.

2. Edit photos together. I do this in one of two ways, I either manually open all the files and edit them together using Photoshop. This is a bit of faff, especially when you have a lot of images to go through. Or I found this tool called "Mosaic Maker" which is SO helpful and takes half the time! You upload all the images from your computer to their server (you need to open an account, but its free), then you can set the ammount of rows and colums of photos to fit your needs. You can even add border and background colours and alternative mosaic layouts!

3. Export and Save to your computer, then upload to your blog post like you would any other image! Then go and add your own labels underneath for each image, post and voila!