dress: primark
coatigan: river island
scarf: river island
necklace: ebay
bracelet: black tied*
nails: nails inc porchester square*

I wore the Primark version in white and black stripes of THAT Topshop dress everyone wanted but wasn't as silly as me by paying £25 for. I think it was either £8 or £10 this one and its current stock too. The other stuff Im wearing is all old stuff I've had for ages so I don't think its still in store unfortunately. Apart from the rings which are new acquisitions!  I love the long pointed ring I got from ASOS a few weeks ago, Its a touch to big for me though which makes me sad!

I really don't have much to say today unfortunately! I've had a good day though I've just chilled (and shopped of course) with my Mother and now Im just curled up in my new Primark Doughnut PJ's with a tea and some biscuits. Last night I took her to Jamies Italian which I enjoyed but not sure about her! She did say she liked it though! I bought a few new bits and bobs today: some stuff to review for ETCLLYMLRS as well as some essentials from Primark (tights!) and new skincare.

For the record I don't photoshop my photos (as in air brush them, all I do is brighten them or remove background objects), but I've had have a quite bad breakout for the past few weeks on my chin and right hand side of my face and its started to get me down. I have been trying to be sly in photos about it by posing away from the camera!  I can't seem pin point whats making my skin hate me so much so I decided to buy a whole new skincare routine from Origins, so we shall see how that goes. I've washed all my brushes and gone back to my foundation that I know doesn't break me out. But blah. Sorry for the skincare ramble but when my skins bad it gets me down ):