001. Another week down! Can hardly believe its already near the middle of March. When I was younger time used to feel like it went so slowly now it feels like it's constantly going faster and faster. I'll be old before I know it at this rate! Its starting to feel like spring summer now which makes me so happy! Today has been one of the nicest days since I moved to London so I've been chilling in the garden and finally sorting out my bedroom.

002. Been reading more of A Feast of Crows by George RR Martin this week, I got into A Song of Ice and Fire after (like most people) watching Game of Thrones on TV. Ive found the fourth book really hard to read as its a lot different from the last one but I'm determined to get through it to get onto the fifth book. Has anyone else read it?

003. I haven't got much to say about the next week, I don't have any plans as of yet. Might be off to Cardiff at the weekend to see some friends and watch the Rugby!

004. Put myself on a minimal spend diet for next few weeks. My bank balance is shocking, as are my current credit cards (0% interest guys, don't worry!), So annoying that I've had to dip into savings for various things so much recently as I could have done without: i.e. moving to London, my laptop breaking, my phone getting lost and having to pay for my holiday all in the space of two months. I know its ultimate white girl problems, and I am thankful I can actually afford this stuff but still its terribly frustrating when things like this spring themselves on you. Time to be a bit more frugal! Even though I think I've been really good recently wearing things that I already own and making the most of what I have, but makeup is my downfall at the moment!

005. My Boohoo Giveaway closes at midnight and I'll try and pick the winner in the next few days. I have kept as up to date with all the entries as I can but it will probably take a bit longer as I have to tally up all the entries into a spreadsheet.