tunic: topshop (few seasons old)
necklace: asos*
jacket: own the runway*
leggings: american apparel via asos*
nails: beauty uk white* & opi rainbow connection
lips: nars bolereo (review here)

I really do love this pearl collar way more than I thought I would. Its so versatile and the perfect piece to make a outfit more "dressy" without being too much. Im sure I've worn this dress on the blog a few times, but due to lack of money at the moment Im trying to re-wear as much as I can. I bought it in the sale from Topshop a few seasons ago and it was just perfect! Thankfully it survived The Great White Dress Massacare of Summer 2011 in which 6 of my favourite white dresses (including this one! RIP) got turned bright pink after a stray scarf was left in the washing machine.

I decided to start the 30 day shred last night and its already starting to hurt. Im not particularly unfit (well not as unfit as I thought I was!) but oh my god the weights. I have such weakling arms I'd never make it was a professional wrestler!