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dress: asos*
necklace: asos*
rings: jwlry, H&M and love hearts and crosses*
shoes: office
watch: swatch
bracelet: black tied*

If I ever went to afternoon tea with the Queen I think this is what I would wear, It's a little bit Breakfast at Tiffnays too which I quite like! But Im not so sure I'll be going to meet the Queen soon (Hit me up Liz if you're reading!) So Im wearing this to the Collection (formerly Collection 2000) 25th Birthday Party! Should a good time. Im then going for food with my flatmate, who's making her beauty event debut, She's nervous bless her! The weather is absolutely beautiful today, It's such a pretty sunny day with a hint of a chill in the air which is my favourite type of weather. Was tempted to go tight-less but decided it was probably best to keep them covered up for a few months longer!

Ever since I got that Topshop Boutique Silk Dress I've been pining over something in the same style but doesn't cost as quite much. Im also a little worried about wearing the Topshop one as its silk and I panic every time I sip a drink incase it splashes all over me! I saw this on the Asos website and thought it would fit the bill. Its big, oversized and floaty with capped sleeves. Im not a big fan of capped sleeves, I think they look a little odd. But beggars can't be choosers. I didn't pay for it hence the * as I used my last voucher of the Asos future stylist competition, which sadly I didn't get through. Although on reflection posting about the third round had slipped my mind so it was my own fault I suppose! I also picked this Asos collar as I thought it would go really well with loads of things and its great for layering. It's not the kind of thing I'd pay for myself as I think £20 for a glorified necklace is a bit much, but Im glad I decided to go with it as I can see myself wearing it alot|!