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Ugg Trolling, My new Will and Kate Oyster! Texts from my 3 year old brother, Forever 21, My new phone case from Jolie Petite, Topshop's ridiculous pricing, Roses from Glossy Box (only a month late!) Valentines dates with my house mate, Pizza Express Starters, My favourite Dress, Happy Hour, Fashion Week Prep, LA Colours nail polish, Glossy Box February Box, Top knot, Outfit Trolling, Partying, Chicken Tikka Subway, MAC Cream Cup, MAC Twitter Giveaway, Garlic Bread Pizza! Blogging on the train home, Trying new products, My old bedroom, Primark False Nails, Mourning the loss of MAC Amber Lights (my favourite eyeshadow!) What I wore one day, My Mums Birthday, Finally getting the H&M dress of my dreams, St Moritz fake tan, Hooker Heels, Boots Spree & Flat shoes!