001. Went out last night with my house mates which was pretty good, We went to a bar in Central but thought it was a bit crap so ended up coming back and going out in Clapham. Today we had a hungover Sunday, got a MASSIVE Dominos order in and watched the Rugby! I may have actually just put make up on purely for this photo but I haven't done a proper one in a while so I decided to put some effort in!

002. I've honestly not given any thought to the fact its actually Fashion Week, Its come so ridiculously quickly! I have no idea about the clothes I'm going to wear or what shows I've got tickets for. I need to sort my weekly schedule out asap! Its also Valentines Day this week (sob!) and then I also have a really cool thing with Forever 21 on Thursday (I'll reveal more tomorrow!). Looking forward to seeing the ~Fashion Week crowd~ at the weekend though, I really dont get to see Gem enough!

003. I have a contest running on my ETCLLYMLRS blog for LG Motion 6 in which you can win £200 Topshop Vouchers for showing a outfit inspired by movement. Actually a bit sad I havent had any entries yet! I know its a bit more effort than most giveaways but it'd be great if you entered, espeically you're a fashion blogger, or even just a casual snap twit pic-ed and hashtagged! Its an amazing prize! I could sure do with a £200 Topshop Voucher!

004. Cant remember if I mentioned it or not but I got through to the ASOS Future Stylist competition round two! I've been styling my second look and finally decided on the look! I'm really excited about this one as I love my outfit! Its a bit different for me but its really cute! I still haven't picked the winner of the first giveawat but I'll do it as soon as I've posted this post!

004. I need some advice, I really want to buy a Celine Smile Tote, but I cant afford a real one, I'm tempted to get this real leather one that has been on my eBay watch list for SO long! I think I'm going to get the black suede one as its really gorgeous! Decisions!