dress: primark
blazer: missguided*
coat: topshop
shoes: asos
nails: MUA U ROK nail polish*
lips: occ lip tar in anime (see review here)

Date night with my house mate, I think we are going to go to YO! Sushi or something but we aren't sure yet! I practically force everyone to go to YO with me as Im addicted! The tempura makes my tummy happy! However I'm really tired and getting a cold so I feel a bit rotten. Was supposed to go to events today but I've just been way too lethargic, ended up going to one meeting and going straight home.

Some reason I decided to do double pink look, which was partly inspired by a outfit I picked out yesterday to wear at my Forever 21 thing. I actually quite like it as you know I like wearing pink, and its Valentines day (bah humbug!). I think it works quite well though to be honest! Thinking about reverting to my side parting again as well, I typically wear my hair in the middle (or just a messy excuse for a middle parting) but I quite like it when its straight and side parted! Makes it a bit easier to manage!