shirt: asos*
leggings: american apparel
gilet: forever 21
necklace: asos*
rings: asos*
shoes: asos*
nails: models own pink punch* (neon pink but looks weird on my camera!)
makeup: see this post

This is what I'm wearing to a MUA event tonight, bit nippy so I'm also wearing a long sleeved top underneath because sometimes its not worth suffering for fashion. I'm totally in love with this panther print shirt! Its a size 12 as all other sizes were sold out, it feels absolutely massive on me! The sleeves are so long I have to roll them up a bit, but they do feel pretty cosy like I'm wearing a boyfriends shirt (heh as if, single ladiez). I feel like all I wear at the moment is a variation of the leggings shirt/long top/tunic and flatforms combos. I really need to branch back out into dresses and skirts, but at the same time the shops right now really dont excite me. Im really dreading spring summer right now!

Also I hit a whopping 12000 GFC followers on here, Still a massive shock to the system for me that I even have one follower let alone however many I have nowadays. I try not to mention stuff like this as it does come off braggy, regardless of me trying to say Im not bragging (which Im not, but you catch my drift?). But big thank you to everyone who chooses to follow me and continues to support me and my blog! I really wouldn't have the opportunities or the life currently I have without you guys, Just wish I could really show how thankful I am, without coming off insincere, braggy or full of myself! Im not one to gush, but I really am thankful. I've always seen myself as "the Primark of Fashion Blogging" as my blogs alot faster/relatable/obtainable than most Fashion blogs out there. But my readers are the ones that make me feel like I do have some relevance in blogging and I should be proud of how far my blog has come since I started in 2009.