Sorry if you follow me on Instagram (llymlrs) and you've seen these all before! Just a snapshot (or 30 odd) from the last three weeks. Some highlights include a Viktor and Rolf event for the launch of Spicebomb, Next, Missguided and Very Press Days (will post about this soon!). Going out for my flatmates birthday in Clapham wearing a Motel Play suit. Eating lots of amazing food including going to The Diner, Nandos, McDonalds (ha!) and some random Mexican Restaurant, Plus lots of snacks and canapes from various events! Kate and Emma stayed over for a sleepover so it was three of us in a bed! I bought a Mullberry purse, Its the new peachy pink one with the rose gold hardware. I wanted the bag version but its bound to get ruined so opted for the purse instead!

Then this weekend I went to IMATS this weekend. Its basically a Make up Artist show, sort of like the clothes show but not as big. Most make up is discounted 20-40%, so its pretty good. I dont think I'd pay to go though, I got a press pass through my blog. Even with the heavily discounted stuff its not really worth it unless you buy lots (or are interested in going to the talks and stuff!). I'll post what I bought there in a few days! I also met the GORGEOUS Baby Glitter, who I can confirm is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen! I also now have a MAC Pro Card! Which is 35% off in stores on all MAC products, a bonus if your a addict like me!

So happy to be in London, really ~loving life~ right now!