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Honestly, I hardly took any real photos during fashion week. Im not a photography expert and my little 500D compared to the massive cameras the professionals have at LFW! So here are my instagram snaps! I did take some proper photographs but I haven't started going through them yet!

This year I finally graduated into getting seating tickets, But as per usual Me and Gem and Jen did the wait around and hope you'll get let in trick. Felder and Felder was my favourite show I went to, same as last season. I just really like their approach to shapes and materials and especially colour. I loved their use of texture and contrasting materials and a earthy colour pallette. The mixed metallics, knits and silks were just dreamy. Their collection was really wearable too, unlike alot of stuff I saw at Fashion week it was just a nice well rounded collection of pieces.

LFW as always, was a tiring but awesome time, I sacked off shows on Sunday and Monday because I only had a few invites and it just didnt seem worth all the faff and waiting around. Fashion Week is amazing, but probably not as glamorous as people like to think it is- Especially if you don't have show tickets or you're not a journalist. The usual Fashion Week blogger snobbery annoyed me to no end! Either way I got to spend time with some of my favourite people and see a bunch of stylish ones too!