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dress: asos
coat: new look
shoes: office
necklace: asos*
sunglasses: girlprops
bag: topshop
nails: models own uptopia* and opi rainbow connection 

This is what I wore on Saturday to London Fashion Week. I picked up the coat for a measly £8 during the January sales at New Look (reduced from £59.99!) with the full intention of it being a LFW coat! The dress is from Asos and looks kinda ridiculous/hideous/amazing but I loved it. My glasses are from GirlProps about 2 years ago, but I've seen them on eBay too. And for shoes I went with the usual, Office Flatforms. I just did my hair in a messy beehive which was made messier thanks to the epic winds on Saturday, it actually got actually got filmed for Channel 4 or something! God knows where that footage might end up! I always wonder where street style pictures end up after fashion week because not everyone is keen to tell you!

I updated ETCLLYMLRS with a recap of all my LFW photos from Instagram, and tonight Im going through the ones I took on my proper camera. But normal outfit blogging will resume tomorrow, I really wish I could do outside/"proper" blogging photos but I dont have anyone to take photos for me! Have been thinking about hiring someone to do them for me, but then its awkward and it would make it SO much harder to post everyday!

PS. The reason I wear sunglasses at LFW is because for some reason I get really bad eyes around Fashion Week, I always end up a completely drippy mess! I'm not being a DIVA *snap*, I just look like I've been crying my eyes out if I dont! And no I don't wear them during the shows! I'm not Anna Wintour (yet)!