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clothing blog post
what i wore
top: river island
coat: topshop
leggings: new look
shoes: office
bracelet: black-tied*
rings: jwlry
nails: ?

Went to Westfields for a bit today, Needed to take some stuff back to River Island (which meant I ended up buying more River Island!) and buy some of my MAC essentials (MSF natural!). I hadn't been to the Stratford one since the Look Show months and months ago. Thankfully it wasn't half as busy as that time! I actually haven't been shopping since I moved down here so it was nice to have a look around.  There is not much I like in the shops at the moment though- Pastels are growing on me but summer clothes really arent my thing. I know I'll be struggling come summer! Im clinging onto my winter clothes for dear life!

I opted for the comfiest and easiest thing I could think of today, Oversized shirt/leggings combo is always good for shopping I think. I also wore this hat as I'm getting so sick of my hair. Some miracle product or styling tool needs to come into my life asap before I chop it all off. Black Tied sent me some amazing goodies last week and I've just got round to wearing this tiny cross bracelet!

I managed to fall over walking down the main road to my house earlier which was probably the most embarassing moment of my whole life. I've done some pretty cringe things over the years but falling over outside a busy tube station with tons of people around you is one of those "ground, Y U NO swallow me up" moments. It wasn't even a stumble it was as full on face to the floor moment! After the initial shock I was more gutted that I squashed my sandwich. Priorities.