dress: asos
jacket: primark (really really really old!)
sunglasses: primark
hat: new look
bracelet: black tied*
shoes: asos

I bought this dress in a Fashion Week induced panic last week, but decided to keep the dress even though I decided not to wear it! The shape is so flattering and feels really lovely quality! Its a bit too summer-y for the unpredictable weather at the moment so I'm going to save it to wear in a few months. I cant wait to wear it with brogues and no tights! I'd probably pair it with the leather jacket still for the whole girly/tough look that I like to do! The alphabet print is really fun and different, I particularly like the shirt version of the print, which may have to enter my wardrobe sooner rather than later!

Also I thought I'd mention that I wear Primark 20 denier tights most of the time. So when I'm wearing sheer tights its probably going to be them. I buy them as they are cheap and cheerful, they don't really last too long though. I generally get a few washes out of them before throwing them away. However they are 5 for £2 (or something like that!) so I don't mind too much about them being a disposable! When I wear more opaque ones I tend to wear the Primark Super Cosy tights or the 200 denier ones. Where does everyone gets theirs from?

Today I spent most of the day with my family and photographing stuff for ETCLLYMLRS. I went on a little Boots spree and I couldn't wait to get using them! I'm going back to London tomorrow and then I'm going out in the evening. Really looking forward to getting back to London!