skirt: topshop
shirt: romwe*
shoes: office
rings: H&M and JWLRY

I've had this skirt yonks and I've shamelessly never worn it. That's what you get when you buy stuff your not sure about! Its a bit tummy heavy so I did have to save it for a relatively flat stomach day, considering I likefood this is way to few and far between! The shirt is a black version of the pink one I posted about last week. This ones a bit better quality though which Im happy with! Not wearing nails today as I'm possibly getting acrylic glitter tips at some point this week but cant decide if I want to go there again, My nails are already battered from years of acrylic abuse!

And onto a little announcement, I've finally confirmed everything and I'm moving to London on the 20th January! Taken me long enough huh! I'm moving south west. I was going to be going on Friday but I've had to push it back a bit, even though Im actually in London pretty much all week! So expect blogging to be a bit hit a miss over the next week or two while I sort my affairs out! Means I'm going to be around for IMATS and Fashion Week properly this time! So excited!