001. Thanks for all the compliments on yesterdays playsuit! I'm so happy with it and really loved wearing it out! Last night was really fun, Going out in London is SO expensive but was such a hilarious night! Spent today slobbing around my flat, and went on another sneaky Nandos trip for lunch. Think that Nandos on a Sunday is my new Sunday Roast. Although I could murder a roast right now! One thing I really miss about being home is not having a home cooked roast on the table on a Sunday courtesy of Mmmymlrs!!

002. Big week of events and stuff planned! Really excited about Zoe's lipstick launch (and looking forward to seeing some of my favourites again!), Afternoon tea on Wednesday with Next and a few press days towards the end of the week! Its then IMATS at the weekend too which is going to be epic by the sounds of it. I really want some Makeup Forever and Crown Brushes! Hoping to go early and then go out for a few drinks and lunch! Victoria is coming to stay at mine for the weekend too which is fun! Been too long since I last saw her!

003. You can still vote for me in ASOS Future Stylist and I'm currently trying to style my second look! Fingers crossed I get through to round 2! I'm also up for a Company Style Blogger Award. I'm nominated for "Best Blog For High Street Lovers", which I think is the perfect title for my blog. You can vote for me here if you like! Speaking of Company Magazine, I absolutely adore their re-branding! Its so cute and quirky, and seems to fit their image of being a very street style/highstreet focused magazine.

004. My aim for next week is to blog a bit more. I'm SO lazy at the moment, to the point where I've not even got dressed properly some days! I haven't really had time to try new stuff for ETCLLYMLRS, but I've got so many post ideas for it I just need to sit down and get on with it! I need to catch up with the events I went to this week and post about them too! I think I've also not been buying stuff as January has been such an expensive month (moving and having to buy a new phone!) so I dont have anything new to show you guys!