001. Pretty uneventful week to be honest! It was my baby brothers birthday, I cant believe he's a whole year old! And I took a sly trip to London. Between that I've just been playing Bejewelled, and downloaded Temple Run (damn you who recommended it!) and read more of A Feast of Crows by George R.R. Martin. Got some silly little term trending on Twitter and thankfully stuck to my 2012 healthy diet!

002. I've decided to start running again, Long time followers would know that last year I really got into running and would run 5-6k everyday as well as doing two hours at the gym. Im big on sports/working out, but I ended up stopping as I had far too many niggling sports injuries and I never got back into it. Decided its time, and Im going to try running outside. This really makes me nervous for some reason! I can do it on a treadmill no worries, but the idea of running on the road/park makes me feel really scared! Probably just worried someone will see me panting and sweating in public!

003. I mentioned my wardrobe clear out in yesterdays post and I thought it went without saying I'll link everyone when it does go up! Strange looking through all my old stuff, I even have a original before-they-were-famous PANIC! At the Disco t-shirt as well as my first ever pair of skinny jeans (yah I dont wear trousers!)! I cant believe how much stuff I hoard sometimes!

004. Been rounding up 2011's top 5's of various makeup products on ETC LLYMLRS this past week! Probably the best way to see the makeup I actually use without me having to do a tutorial. I doubt I'd ever do a makeup tutorial, I think that in some ways it gives people a bit of false hope, buying expensive makeup like X wears doesnt mean its going to look the same on you or make you look like them. Suppose that is a bit contradictory coming from someone who beauty blogs on the side!

005. Finally got round to updating the shop with all its new stock, even though I was supposed to do it a few days ago!  All the usual deals in place with 3 for £8 and five for £10. Including free UK shipping until the end of Monday. I initially said the shop would be closed on Monday, but it will now be shut on Tuesday for a week (I will put this on the website!) because of some potentially exciting news coming up!But I cant confirm anything quite yet!