001. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011 a really good year for me. My life is alot different now than last year, but 2011 bought so many exciting things in to my life that I never expected or imagined happening to me. My blogs have gone from strength to strength, and Ive achieved so much and gotten so much out of it. I cant quite believe I've posted a whopping 237 times and launched a second blog! I've met people and been to tons of events, Ive done fashion week twice and been in a fair few magazines. I've transitioned into "pro blogging" successful without losing my integrity or voice. I've worked with brands I'd never though I'd meet and just overall had the best time ever. My goals for 2012 are to move, get fit again, spend more time with my friends and travel more! I really want to go to Paris this year, I still cant believe I've never been! Blog goal wise, I'm launching another (ya i know another!) website which Ive been planning for a few months, other than that I'm also just gonna keep doing what I do best! Consistently creating new and interesting content for you guys!

002. This week I've been obsessed with my phone. Ive had my iPhone for ages now but kinda got bored of the apps once the novelty wore off! I downloaded the new Bejewelled game from the app store when I was just randomly browsing and OMG ITS ADDITIVE! I've played it practically all day/night the last few days. Theres still time to save yourselves! Also loving Instagram, my user names LLYMLRS so feel free to follow! I need people to follow too so if your on instagram lemme know in the comments and I'll find you!

003. My laptop trackpads broken so its finally time to replace my battered old Macbook. Kinda like the end of a era but its been playing up for ages and just way too hard to not have a fully functioning computer when your life revolves around the internet! I didnt realize how much they'd gone up in two years! Had a mini heart attack! Looks like Im gonna have to cut down on everything while I save to get a new one! I always forget how much I rely on technology and then how ridiculously priced it to buy!

004. Also opened up my tumblr ask page for a bit! I'll try and answer things if I know the answer/feel comfortable answering stuff!

PS. This post isnt sponsored by Apple, just happened to be thinking of it alot when posting!