todays photo is a out-take from a outfit during the week, catching up on some tweetz

001. Last Sunday post from my Mums house! This time next week I'll be in my new flat in London! Its come round super quick and I've got so much to do still before I leave. I've spent the latter part of the week (still) trying to sort my stuff out! Like I've mentioned a few times I have so much stuff, this room I'm in I've had for at least 10 years now and I probably have thrown anything away since. Im in London Tuesday and Wednesday (LION KING!!) as well which doesn't help, and also means I need to be packed by tomorrow (not happening)!

002. GOT A NAKED 2 PALETTE! Although Im still to scared to use it! Im not sure if I should keep it or not! I've managed a fair few days without touching it and Im still itching to get my paws into it. I didnt like the Naked 1 Pallete, it didnt suit my skin tone and overall looked way too cool on me. Apparently this ones even cooler than the original #fail. If anyone has one how do they feel about it? Im such a sucker for blogger hype!

003. I've been stockpiling posts today for the next week, I think there will be three next week on here and then I have 5 for ETC. I think I've only been so organized blogging to put my mind off what I'm supposed to be doing! I wont be around much so I cant reply to things, But once Im back on full form I'll try. Im really loving being able to comment back! So much easier! HURRAY FOR BLOGGER.

004. IMATS and Fashion week are quickly coming up! Managed to send out all my LFW ticket requests the end of the week, which was a struggle. Only to stupidly put my old address on them, Typical! Victoria's coming to stay with me for IMATS which should be really fun! I've been saving my money for IMATS for ages as I know I'll just want everything! Top of my list is Make up Forever and some OCC lip tars! Might even be swayed with some Crown Brushes! Anyone else going?

005. JWLRY is closed from midnight for a week. I know I said it would be last week but like I said, I pushed back my moving date! I've put a sign up on the website so hopefully people understand. All outstanding orders will be sent Monday morning 2nd class post! Any problems use the shop email on my contact page or the contact form on the JWLRY website!