dress: primark
coat: boohoo
rings: jwlry, H&M, love hearts and crosses*
nails: models own bloobloo* and 99p store glitter polish
boots: topshop (albas)

Had a super lazy day today and I may have just donned this outfit for the sake of a blog post! But I just wasnt feeling it today. I have a terrible sleeping pattern at the moment and when I did manage to sleep for a bit last night I had really bad nightmares resulting in me waking up covered in sweat and shaking. Not good. However, Onto the outfit. I do really like this dress, I bought it from Primark last week, it was probably about a tenner, not bad I dont think! When I wore it nearly everyone commented on it looking like Minnie Mouse, hence the title! But its cute

Off to London in the morning, Its been nearly a month since I stepped off that oh-so-familiar train into Paddington. Fingers crossed it leads to me finding a new home... But if not Im just going do some shopping for most of the day. Have some River Island press vouchers to spend and I best get them spent before the S/S collection comes in and ruins it all! I also fancy spending my xmas pennies on some new make up! Got my eye on some YSL stuff at the moment!