top: primark
leggings: topshop
coat: boohoo
fur: new look
necklace: topshop
shoes: office
lipstick: lime crime my beautiful rocket *

Yah Yah, Hi crotch! I assure you when Im not standing so straight with my shoulders back (im a terrible sloucher!) it does cover my ladyparts. Probably the closest thing you'll ever get to seeing my in trousers. I think I've worn them once since I started this blog! I do wear leggings/tunics quite a bit though, which is obviously the same but different! I just personally dont like wearing trousers, Its not like I have anything against them, I just dont even look/consider them when Im buying new clothes!

Curled my hair with my Babyliss Hot Rollers that I got for Christmas, review coming soon before anyone asks! I've only really tried them out properly today and I'm pretty impressed! I've said this before but Im so lazy when it comes to my hair, I have a little chuckle when people praise it as I really dont do anything to it apart from maybe an occasional backcomb at the sides. I dont even use hair spray on it! Anyway, yeah excuse the ramble post, I'm absolutely exhausted as Im still not sleeping properly, I've been staring at my computer for far too long today I've gone a little mental!