dress: new look
scarf: river island
coatigan: river island
hat: H&M
rings: jwlry, forever 21 and market stall
shoes: office
nails: beauty uk white* and opi rainbow connection
fringe: ebay (see this post)

Wore my troll fringe today just for the laughs! Been sorting out my bedroom today, I have so much stuff I dont even know what to do with it all! A Hoarder paired with compulsive buyer is not good combination. I found some bags earlier that I bought when I was 15, still with tags on never been used. I will be putting some of it on ebay eventually, Just so much effort! Wish it was simpler but there is always that one smarmy buyer who finds some sort of flaw on the inside right seam and demands a refund. So I have to go over everything and describe everything!