benefit the porefessional reviewbenefit the porefessional reviewbenefit the porefessional reviewbenefit the porefessional review
Benefit The POREfessional: debenhams (£23.50)* 

Benefit The POREfessional is described as a "pro balm to minimize the appearance of pores". It's a flesh-toned silky, oil-free and completely lightweight makeup primer. The POREfessional works really well at mattifying the skin without it looking dry or ashy. My skin just looks very matte and natural and also does nice job of evening out my skin tone before applying foundation. I don't think my pores vanish but I do think they look alot less noticeable. It makes a really good base for make-up, I love blending my foundation over it as its just so smooth! My make up lasts me a fair amount of time before I get a bit oily on my t-zone (my major problem areas, so I expect it) but I find the make up on my cheeks still stays put and no signs of pores coming through. It does say you can apply it over your make-up but I personally don't think this works too well, I like my make-up powdered and matte and applying a balm over it just makes it look a touch messy, so I wouldn't recommend trying it like that.

When I started using this I wasn't wowed buy it, Initially I thought of it as "just another primer". I then stopped using it for a bit and really noticed how different my skin did look when I used it. I do think its a really good product and I'll more than likely buy it again, after all I did include it in my top face products of 2011. The price is really high, like alot of Benefit products I think its a touch over priced. Id say £15-£18 would have been more appropriate. However knowing me this will become an expensive addiction!