Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo photosBatiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo review
Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo: boots/superdrug (£3.99)*

I remember when the Batiste XXL Volume came out last year(?), there was a lot of hype about it in the blogasphere. As per everything that comes into blogging favour I (naturally) really wanted it. I was forever checking my local Boots and Superdrug but they were constantly sold out. Im sure most people are familiar with Bastiste, its the dry shampoo of dry shampoo and if you don't own a can you should rethink your life. They are a absolute life saver on limp or greasy hair days to add a bit of texture or remove the greasy-ness

After being pointed out a few weeks ago this was in a goodybag of an event I'd gone to and I realised was actually already using it thinking it was just the plain old Batiste. I hadn't really noticed the difference between they two, Maybe it was just because I'd just assumed it was the same. I tend to use Batiste to mattify my hair, as its so long and straight its quite hard to get that "OOMPH" after I wash it. Its always a bit too "soft to style" so I give it a good blast with some dry shampoo. XXL Volume does a good job of mattifying the hair and giving some styling help. Its basically a mix between hair spray and dry shampoo. You spray it into the roots then just fluff your hair up a bit for a bit of volume! I dont find the volume last that long though, the dry shampoo element does work, but then I think the hair spray/voluminous side just doesnt have the longevity. It doesn't feel horrible in the hair, but it does make it feel alot stiffer than just a dry shampoo. You do have to make sure you give it a good shake to make sure none of the whiteness is showing either, which is hard when your hairs a bit stiffer from the product.

Overall I think the XXL Volume Batiste is OK, Definitely not a life changer. Its pretty good and Im sure I'll use this giant bottle up. But I do think I prefer the regular Batiste (Tropical is my fave!) for greasy hair days, and then the XXL Volume for just adding a bit of body and volume. Its more of a styling product than a dry shampoo. It doesnt really do anything that special though!