Just a quick hello to everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas! Currently nursing a food baby in my PJ's watching    with my family. Had a really great day and got everything I wanted plus more! Including a Vivienne Westwood Necklace! I literally cannot wait to wear it! A new hair dryer and some hot rollers! I also got a Konad kit which is possibly the best thing ever, been stamping my nails ever since! Gonna attempt a full manicure tomorrow! Plus all the usual holiday smellies and chocolates!

I've put my back out somehow and I've been dosed up on pain killers most of the day, shaking my fist and cursing because I've been in so much pain. Although overall its been such a lovely day! I'll be back tomorrow on my normal form! Really looking forward to reading everyone's Christmas posts, so feel free to link me if you've done one! I love seeing what others do over Christmas!