excuse the sorry state of my eyebrows, im growing them out to get HD brows & a higher arch!

001. Went to my Granny's house for a Christmas dinner type affair, We're spending Christmas at my Auntys this year so we though we'd have a pre-christmas dinner at hers! She really does the best roasts! I'm absolutely stuffed!

002. Have my 4 hour speed awareness course tomorrow boo! Was doing 35mph in a 30mph zone, but I'd rather do the course than get the points. I'm pretty bummed about it really as its the last thing I want to be doing so close to Christmas! But ya know, do the crime yaddayaddayadda. I'm going to try and make a quick dash around Hereford for the last of my Christmas bits and bobs! I still need a Christmas Day dress as nothing is right!

003. I've blogged everyday this week on both my blogs which I'm really proud of! Sometimes I feel like I blog way too much and should really cut down! But oh well, I like to think people like that I post daily?! I guess I just love posting and sharing stuff! Running out of things that I've tried to review for ETC LLYMLRS so I've gotta get raiding my to review box! I find that I review things I'm really excited about first then reach for the rest after!

004. 25% off and free first class UK shipping on all orders from my shop till midnight using the code "LASTORDERS". 25% off is valid on non-UK orders too, but not with free shipping, just use the same code. With a bit of luck you should get your package before Christmas, but currently my packages are taking 3-5 days, which is beyond my control unfortunately. Any orders placed after midnight tonight (GMT), wont be shipped until till the 28th December, I will put this notice up on my shop too. Absolutely all orders placed before this will have be posted tomorrow.

005. Ooh just realized next weeks Sunday post will be a Christmas day one! Woo!