001. Cor another week down! and another week closer to Christmas. Im not in the spirit at all yet, I haven't seen the Coca Cola advert and watching it on Youtube just isn't the same! I dont have a TV so I guess this is why! I should probably have asked Father Chrismtas for one in hindsight! I think we're putting our tree up this week so it might make me more christmassy. About 45 minutes after posting this it came on the TV as just happened tobe watching the Beyonce TV special!!

002. Tomorrow I'm off to London for a photo shoot at Pure for Violent Lips. A brand which I actually reviewed earlier this week on my other blog. I've never had my makeup done professionally so Im a bit worried as I know how I like it! I feel so awakward when someone else takes photographs of me too, so it may be a bit fail! Cant wait to share the images with you though (only if they are good mind you!!)

003.  Cant believe this is 101 of these things! When I started doing them it didn't mean, just my own way to keep a record of what I did that week/plans or anything that was interesting me at the time! Now its a bit of a thing~ (not saying I invented it because I'm sure I probably jacked it off someone else!) but its really exciting! I should go back and collage all my images from the past two and a bit years!

004. Packed and labelled all JWLRY orders placed up until I posted this blog post! They will be going out first thing tomorrow! Plenty of items left with free shipping all month!