001. Pink Ombre'd my hair last night with a can of that novelty colour spray, Looks way too middle class hippy for my liking, but its alright for one weekend! Its not hideous, its just completely not me. I've been there done that got the scene kid hair cut.

002. Towards the end of this week I realized one key thing about blogging that I'd been slacking on recently. Self Promotion. My traffic has been really static for a while now, getting on average the same amount of views each day for the past few months. I've been slacking on sharing links and just using Twitter to get my new posts out there. However two days of uploading to lookbook, remembering to upload my new looks to my tumblr and using my Facebook page has made my traffic go up by 10%. Promoting your blog is really hard, but my utilizing social networks and actually posting your link around really helps. Im not talking asking for RT's or spamming, just following people, talking to bloggers, sharing your link with other bloggers posts (see not spamming!). Promise you it really does help and worth all the effort.

003. Going Christmas shopping tomorrow in Birmingham, I know I'll probably regret it more than anything but I really need to pick up a few things and I much prefer the Forever 21 to the one thats in London. I'm armed with a list and what I need to buy in  each shop so fingers crossed it goes smoothly... who am I kidding! Stressful shopping ftw.

004. Time is drawing closer to last guaranteed Christmas UK shipping for my jewellery store, according to Royal mail is the 20th December, but I'd ideally like any orders by the 16th. If you want to ensure getting things please make sure you order in the next few days, Im sending things every single day at the moment so if you haven't received something withing 5 days of ordering it please get in contact asap.

005. Picking the person to review the Bourjois products later on tonight, I'm still accepting blog links up until about 9pm tonight! I'll email the person as soon as I've picked!