skirt: romwe *
coat: topshop
rings: jwlry
scarf: river island
shoes: primark
nails: models own pink punch *& some konad that I was messing around with (but look nothing like the photo!)

Finally breaking the ~llymlrs style~. Been wanting to change to doing full length for a while, I'm just a sucker for routine and I like things to be the same. Also I sorta felt like the way it was before was "my" thing and the no legs/shoes joke was just blogging-in-joke. Two good years I've done the above the knee thing, I think most people used to do full length when I first started blogging, now it seems to more common to do above the knee. Its much more awkward doing it full length, the main reason I did it above the knee was because I dont really have enough room in the room I do my photos as the beds in the way. I had to balance my tripod on the bed, which was alot harder than it sounds. And then straighten and crop in post production! Bit more effort, but I do like the way they've come out! For the record, I dont wear shoes indoors, and I do wear the same shoes pretty much every day (topshop albas, H&M flatforms or these pumps) so be prepared to see them all the time!

The scarf was a Christmas present of my Granparents. I cant tell you how long I've wanted it this scarf for! Its such a gorgeous vibrant red tartan! In River Island style it had some disgusting embroidery saying "love" with some hearts on that I had to pick off, but I'm just so happy with it! Been holding off getting a scarf this winter because I knew I'd be getting this!

Im back packing orders for JWLRY tomorrow to be sent on Wednesday! I've seen lots of photos of people who got given rings for Christmas, So glad you like them!