dress: primark
belt: topshop
hat: new look
coat: river island *
fur: topshop
necklace: jwlry (restocked soon)
nails: models own top turquoise* & ebay nail pens (see this post)

Published this earlier without actually saying anything because A. time was ticking and B. I didnt know what to write. So hey I came back and decided to waffle on a bit! This was what I wore yesterday to London, put on today for photo purposes! Was a nice quick day as I managed to get the right connections and stuff. Had a meeting to do with ~blog stuff~ then did that shoot I was talking about on Sunday. Went really well and I think I should have the photos by the end of the week! Then me and Kate went to my favourite restaurant, Vapianos. Ate too much and went home!

Today I made a video for Youtube, which decided to go down for maintenance so it hasn't uploaded. I've been considering making a triumphant return to Youtube for a while now, but held off because I coldnt be bothered with the dramz that goes with being on Youtube aka a Haters Paradise (yeah, i went there! haha). So yeah we shall see, highly doubt it will be a thing, but feel free to subscribe to my channel etcllymlrs just incase! I wont be posting on the llymlrs channel, so dont bother subbing to that!