top: topshop
skirt: primark
coat: topshop
rings: jwlry & H&M

Went on a quick shopping trip with my Mum to get the final few bits and bobs for Christmas, I also found the Christmas Dress, its not perfect, and really not that dressy at all, Its just nice and simple and will do! Gonna see if I can find a nice and fancy necklace of some description to go with it. Have my eye on a few Topshop ones, considering my dress was only £20 its acceptable to have a pricey necklace to go with it? Right? Poor justification!

This is my street walker outfit from Monday which I shot yesterday because I knew today would be hard to fit in outfit photos with me being out today! This week has been pretty messed up in terms of what I wore on each day!  I actually wore this outfit if your interested, which I expect at my current rate, will be up on Friday!