bourjois intense eyeshagdows 01 06 10
bourjois intense eyeshadows in 01, 06 and 10

I was just today sent these eye shadows from Bourjois to review. Id really like to review them, as I personally adore the brand, but I dont do dark eyes so I cant really do them justice. Im sure they'd make a wicked smokey eye! I've decided to open it up for a guest review, so I'll send whoever I pick the products so they can review them for posting on this blog. Of course it would be fully linked and credited to your blog.

Initially I wasnt sure how to do this, on one hand I'd like to offer it to the first person who asked, or whoever wins out of a random number generator. However I cant be sure the the reliability of some people, and I'd also like to give another blogger the chance to expose their blog a bit to a wider audience.

I have a rough idea of the type of reviewer I'd want. I don't care if you have 10,000 followers or 10, as long as you post regularly and post interesting, honest and creative reviews.  Personality is a big thing in my books too so I'd like someone who has a strong personality coming through with their posts. I'm also kinda looking for someone who's passionate about blogging at that comes across through their text.  Also because I'd like someone to do a "look" or "FOTD" with these products rather than swatches (obviously only if the reviewer likes the product) you'd have to be able to take good, clear quality photos of the look you created. Please only put your blog forward if your actually interested in the shades, this isnt strictly a "freebie", obviously you can keep them (and I've not touched them!) but I am expecting a review at the end of this. So please only enter if your serious!

Its going to be a great opportunity for new bloggers and veterans alike, to get new followers, get your blog out there and I will also happily introduce you to the PR's for the brand if you wanted. Depending on how well it goes I might start doing guest reviews it more regularly, I get sent stuff quite a bit and I know what sort of products I like (pink lipsticks, nails, neutral eyeshadow, fake lashes, eyeliner!) so it would be nice to get a fresh new perspective on those things!
To be considered, email me on, Then link me to a review or a FOTD your proud of on your own blog. I will be primarily looking at beauty blogs for this. I'll be considering reviewers for this up until Sunday evening, the product will be sent on Monday. UK only sorry!