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Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara: eyeko/harvey nichols (£15)*

I was sent all the three styles of the Eyeko Brush Mascara but Im reviewing the Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara one for the sake of this post. The formula is the same for each mascara I just preferred the brush on this one to the others. The mascara itself is really good, its formula is thick, waxy and really darkly pigmented. Definitely a true black. I don't find it flakey or drying. It lasts a really long time too, I dont find myself having to top up because its gone grey or come off. It takes a bit of work to get off, but nothing too tricky to remove.

The Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara is a really small, thin pointy brush, Which when I opened the package I thought that this was the one of the three Eyeko Brush Mascara styles (Skinny, Curvy & Fat) I'd like the least. But I actually found myself liking it the most. I found it much easier to getting really long, dolly like lashes, especially on my lower lashes. I think chunky brushes make it hard to get right into the smaller lashes on the inner corners . The Skinny Brush makes it easy to apply the product close to the root of the lash without transferring onto you lid. Overall it gives me a really wide eyed Twiggy look which I loved! Really long and spiked out, some may say it could border on spider lashes, but personally I love long lashes!

The product is really good, dont get me wrong. I'd say its worth the money but I personally think the price hike in Eyeko is a bit much. I've been in two minds about actually reviewing the product. On one hand I think its possibly one of my favourite mascaras, but I feel its incredibly over priced and I would never pay that much for it. Its the kind of product I like but wouldnt pay for myself. I think this is maybe because I grew up seeing Eyeko as a cheap, drugstore brand. All the rebranding in the world isn't going to make me feel something else about a brand because the packaging is different and they are sold exclusively in Harvey Nichols. For the price you could buy a true high end mascara, YSL faux clis for example, which I think is fair enough because its a designer brand. The idea of paying £15 for this really puts me off.