dress: missguided
jacket: primark
necklace: topman
rings: jwlry
belt: topshop
nails: gosh nail glitter in rose quartz

Well shopping kinda failed today considering I slept about 3 and a half hours last night and didn't think it would be safe to drive on so little sleep. Spent the day looking at Christmas Hampers (seriously there are so many to choose from) and packing jewellery orders. Pretty average/boring/standard. Ive been craving a Nandos all day, fingers crossed I'll make it to Birmingham tomorrow and I can get one! Omnomnom.

This outfit is from a few days ago when I was deciding if I should keep the dress or not. I really like it, but I decided not keep it as its a little tight across my ample bosom and rather short, even for me. I didn't really like it worn with leggings either, then add my usual heels in it just looked like I forgot to put a skirt on, so it just seemed silly to keep it. DRESSES Y U SO SHORT AT THE MOMENT! I normally have the problem with them being too long! Im 5ft5, hardly a giant!