dress: ax paris via new look
snood: H&M
necklace: forever 21
ring: jwlry
nails: gosh nail glitter in rose quartz

Sorry for the incredibly boring outfit today! I like to keep my blog as true to what I actually wear as I can, without making it too repetitive and boring. What I like about my blog and ones similar to it is they are realistic representations of what, I personally would say "a average girl on the street" can afford and would actually wear. It might not be your style or what you'd choose to wear, you don't have to like everything I wear. Im not encouraging you to buy the same things or wear things I like because I ~know fashion~. I just like to think we all inspire each other to try new things or items we might not have bought unless we saw someone else wearing it. What I think personal style blogging is like is when you see a girl on the street wearing something you'd like to buy, but you dont really want to go ask them where its from. But with style blogging you can see where people get XYZ item from and not be worried about going up to someone and asking "err so where did you get that?".

I do feel my blog its a accurate portrayal of what I do wear. Sometimes I wear sparkly things during the day, sometimes I wear a faux fur stole or a red prom dress to the doctors. But thats just me being fun. None of this £500 dresses with a new designer handbag every single week. I like to keep it fresh and interesting and try not to post on the days I wear the same thing twice or push myself to try different combinations for the sake of the blog. Its great because it means I can look over my clothes and think about different ways I can wear things. Shopping your wardrobe and rediscovering old favorites is just as fun!

Just sometimes, like today, I threw on the nearest coat, the first dress I picked out my wardrobe and a snood for extra warmth.