001. I haven't really talked about it much but Amsterdam was lovely last weekend! But it was ridiculously cold and had such a nice chilled atmosphere, not seedy or weird like how you'd imagine it to be. It really isnt as ~ladz on tour~ Of course there were Ladz and the obvious single men going to see hookers. But it was just really nice and laid back. Even took a casual stroll into the Red Light District by accident, was pretty hilarious. Was also this really weird parade with Santa in it and all these elves in medieval dress on rollerskates giving out biscuits! Slightly odd but was still good! Drank so much coffee and ate too many frites and waffles!

002. Tomorrow I'm speaking at Handpicked Media Gets Social, It should be really good, informative social media style conference. My train is stressing me out as its telling me online its going to cost £118 when I normally pay £42, so fingers crossed its the normal price when I go to the station tomorrow or there will be tears! Kidding, I'll just have to go a bit later in the day. The hashtag is #HPMsocial if you wanted to follow it throughout the day! I'll be tweeting stuff about it during the day that might help bloggers. And no its not sponsored tweets and I'm not being paid to talk. Social Media is something I'm genuinely interested in and what I hope to end up working in one day! Implementing social media properly can be the difference to having a successful blog or brand.

003. I need to see Breaking Dawn. I dont love Twilight and I dont hate it, I do like it quite a bit (secretly!) and dislike that I've not seen it yet. Was thinking of going to go today on my own, I've been to the cinema on my own a few times before and it doesnt bother me. I'm just a bit iffy about seeing Twilight alone! I dont wanna look like some Twi-hard sobbing in the corner!

004. Rediscovered my old favourite lipstick, Barry M Peachy Pink 147. Had a little lipstick clear out today to sanitize them (germaphobe, much?) and found it lurking at the back. Barry M is a brand I hardly use anymore after it slipping off the general blogging radar (apart from those awful crackle and foil nailpolishes, vom!) However  I forgot how much I liked the lipstick, might buy a few more colours from Boots this week! I noticed they had a new colour online called Pale Nude which reminds me of MAC Shy Girl, will have to investigate!