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001. My brother (and cousins, its his birthday today and Jared's tomorrow!) birthday meal was actually alright! Woke up in a terrible mood and initiallyvdidn't want to go! This was mainly because I stayed up reading Game of Thrones on my Kindle till 2am! I didn't really want to go because I'm not one for pretentious food, I hate all that faff (and small portions!) but it was actually really nice! I much prefer simple food, cooked well rather than butternut squash risotto and amaretti biscuits...!?

002. As you may have noticed I've changed my hair a bit which you can read a bit more about on ETCLLYMLRS! ;) Haha! Also remember to enter the Models Own rainbow of nail polish giveaway while you are there!

003. All the Christmas Ads during X Factor tonight have overwhelmed me. Its coming so quickly, The idea of Christmas shopping absolutely terrifies me. I love buying presents for people but Christmas always leaves me at a complete blank!

004.  I'm going to Amsterdam next weekend so I highly doubt there will be a Sunday post! Getting so close to the big 100 which is mega exciting!! I'm going with my Mum for the weekend which should be a goodun'! I went with my ex boyfriend a few years ago and we really enjoyed it. Hoping to just relax and have a bit of laid back weekend away! If anyone has been and can recommend places to eat/go/do that are FAMILY friendly, ie. no coffee shops! Dont think MMMYMLRS would be impressed!