primark french nails: £1

I bought these on a whim the other day from Primark the price was its main selling point really. But I was impressed by the packaging, I do honestly like Primark's Beauty range's packaging. I tried these out to wear to London on Tuesday morning as I wanted something quick before I went. The nails themselves are good, They are a flesh toned beigey nail colour, with a printed white tip. A nice variety of sizes and fits come in each box. I have tiny hands so I worried they might not fit. I was impressed with how strong and not flimsy they felt unlike some false nails. I was pretty impressed to be honest.

Now I'd show you a photo of them on but before I even had a chance to take any detailed photographs, most of them fell off. Two were gone before I even got to London that day. The glue is terrible, possibly the worst I've ever used, it doesn't last long or dry very quickly. I knew I should have used my own nail glue but I didnt think in my rush to leave the house!

Id recommend these if you just wanted just the nails and had your own glue (seriously HIGHLY recommend the Nailene Ultra Quick Dry) for a measly quid you get a full set of French Nails. Just dont trust the cheapy glue! French nails in Boots/Superdrug are around the £5 mark, but obviously other places do sell them a bit cheaper. But I think its good value for money and I'll definitely be purchasing them again.