fake fringe via ebay (£4.59)

Ok, Ok, I'm sorry for my little porky pie over the past few days! I obviously didn't get my fringe cut! I was going to come clean on the day but I thought it would be fun to post it on my blog and see what people said about it! I've had full fringes in the past, its taken about two-three years to grow my last one out! I used to always say I looked like Caleb Followill circa Youth and Young Manhood with a full fringe! Victorias Boyfriend says I look like Claudia Winkleman, hahaha!

I've always been curious, ever since my emo days about fake fringes, and exactly how fake they may look in real life. This one was a fiver, so I thought why not! Its not really a serious thing, I doubt I'd wear mine out of my house as the top bit is very noticeably faux. Its taken me forever to get my center parting right so I dont think I can bring myself to change quite yet! I was surprised that I had a many positive comments about getting a fringe, and I do actually quite like the rockier full fringes a la Daisy Lowe and ma homegurl Rumi Neely! Maybe one day I'll take the plunge! Baby steps!

ETA: The fringe is fun, but I don't know if I'd recommend it if you want to wear it seriously. The top seam is quite noticeable when you wear it, If your tall and no one could see the top of your head it would be fine!