001. My Macbook has decided it hates me and isnt working properly. Gonna take it too the Mac store tomorrow in the hopes they know whats wrong with it but its messed up and not letting me do anything. Going to try to download OS Lion and hope it fixes whatever it doesnt like! Good job I have a backup laptop (my old one before my macbook!) so if I'm not around much its because Im pulling my hair out waiting for it to open internet explorer!

002. TOWIB was really good! So nice to see some familiar faces and new ones! Always such a laugh when I'm with Kate, Emma, Lily & Zoe! Was roped into doing a photography talk with Zoe as the person she was doing it with dropped out. I did photography/graphic design at college and university so I knew a few things, but was a bit unprepared! And it turned into a bit of a open debate the Q&A session in the end, but it was a experiance! Im also speaking at Handpicked Media Gets Social , Its very different from The Only Way is Blogging and costs £50, but if your really intrested in problogging it could be of note for you! I am going to do a giveaway for some tickets in the next week.

003.Watching the X Factor and chilling tonight! Not that impressed with the X Factor this year, Feels a little lack luster! No one is amazing, apart from Misha B who is practically a star already compared to the rest, Heads above everyone else on the show. Just goes to proove how much of a joke TV shows like this can be! Glad have Nu Vibe has gone, but Frankie was terrible. Thought his fan girls would have at least voted for him!

004. Packed and ready to post all orders from my shop tomorrow. Had a bit of a delay towards the end of the week because I ran out of envelopes (klutz! every time!), but everything ordered right up until I post this is being sent tomorrow. Had such awesome feedback to the new mixes, so much easier for everyone and myself! Everyone is happy! Popular styles are already selling out which is amazing, especially the rectangle style (my fave!)! New stock will start trickling in from now on!