eyelashes: eylure upper and lower lash duo
fake tan: st moritz spray

Various reasons as to why I've been MIA on here the past ten or so days. Not all bad, as I spent time with my friends towards the end of last week, the weather was just too nice to sit on a computer. But then a few personal things came up and threw me off a bit. Bottom line is, I've not been myself. Which resulted in me wanting to sort my "real" life out rather than posing and being frivolous on the internet.

I don't want bells and whistles, and welcome back messages. I never went away, I've still been tweeting regularly, reading blogs and drafting posts. I guess from the amount of people asking when I'll be posting next that I have been missed. I appreciate that people like my blog, But I have favourite bloggers who I'd like to post more often too. Always remember that there's hundreds of thousands of blogs and websites on the internet to tide you over till they return. Remembering that all bloggers have real lives behind the screen is really important, its not all rose tinted and sometimes its nice to do other things than worry about having enough time to photograph your outfit or what people think of your hair.

I know people in the comments are going to be like "You don't need to apologize, its YOUR blog" I'm not apologizing, I'm just explaining the situation at the moment. As much as its MY blog, without the people who read its nothing. I saw earlier that I'm nearly at 10,000 GFC followers, with loads of other people following me via other networks too. Its pretty overwhelming at times! I never thought it would get this big.

Moving forwards, I will be back to posting this week and take those babysteps into ~coming back~. Have lots of ETC LLYMLRS content lined up for the next week and Im going to London on Saturday to speak at a free blogging event called The Only Way is Blogging. If your around you should come along, going to be tons of advice for new bloggers and meeting with a few brands! I think its aimed more at new bloggers, but just come along if you fancy it. Will be really insightful for newbies with photography & HTML tips and I'm apart of a Q&A session.

ALSO five stone ring mixes and the trios have been put back in stock on JWLRY. Once I've finished photographing all the ring colours in all styles the new customizable mixes will be up. Just slowly putting stuff back up at the moment!