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MUA Nail Varnish Shade 23: Superdrug (£1)

I dont really know much about MUA as a brand, my usual beauty snobbery makes me ignore all the cheapy stuff. However my local MUA stand is right by the door of Superdrug, so I spotted this khaki shade as soon as I walked in. I'd been looking for khaki colour polish since that Les Khakis de Chanel collection from last year (god doesnt time fly!). But I know its not a colour I'd wear often as I tend to wear pink nails!

The bottles quite small and the packaging isnt horrendous, but the label isnt stuck on straight and its all bubbly. Which made it really hard to photograph the packaging, but I'll look past that as its only a quid. The brush is small, which I think makes it feel hard to work with, But its not unusable and doesnt make it streaky. It needed two coats and had a pretty average drying time, no different from most highstreet brands (for example Barry M). Cant say how long the wear time is as I've been using Seche Vite over it and I generally change my nails every few days! It fills my need for a khaki colour in my nail polish collection and is hardly expensive for a polish I'd probably not wear that often. I'll file this under, not bad for a quid!