24 2-way nail art pens via ebay (I bought from this seller
only 23 photographed as I've already misplaced one! typical!

I'd been eyeing the nail art pens you can buy in bulk on ebay for a while after seeing Charlene and Laura post about them. Something about 24 of the for £7-10 (depending on if you buy in the UK or not!) didn't seem right. At the end of the day it was I paid a tenner for them as I didnt want to wait for shipping. I bought them from this seller based in the UK, but I have seen them for as cheap as around £7 from foreign sellers. You can also get larger bundles of 60 if you really wanted to go all out.

Honestly, I think they are OK. The opaque colours all work really well as they are very pigmented, some of the shimmery and pearlesent ones dont really work as well for nail art as they are a bit too thin to just do one coat, but are certainly usable. I bought these purely because I just wanted to have the colours incase I needed them for various nail art tutorials, I dont want to go out and buy a yellow purely to do some dots on strawberry nails or I need a dark brown just to do some dots for leopard print. Compared to the Models own x WAH nails pen, they are pretty similar, Both do the same sort of job and have the same amount of drying time.

I wouldn't expect the world considering the price is very low for what it is, Id definitely recommend getting them if your just getting into nail art and want something that does the job without having to spend loads of money. Basically they are just cheap and cheerful, great for beginners and easy to use. For the price its worth it coming in at about 40p per nail art pen, compared to the £6 for the Models Own pen.