seche vite topcoat, models own bubblegum *, models own top coat
nail gems: ebay 

Seen accent nails floating around for a while now, Mainly a different coloured polish or a sparkly nail. Naturally I wanted to take it a step further. While watching Fresh Meat on Channel 4 I thought I'd add some nail gems for a accent nail. I started off using Seche Vite to put them on, but it dries too quickly so you have to keep applying it as you go along. I found using the Models own topcoat then applying the gems worked much better, as its tackier and takes a bit longer to dry so you have more time to work with when applying the gems. I used tweezers to put them on, its a little fiddly but it really doesnt take that long! Followed with a thick coat of Seche Vite to seal it all in, perfect blinged nails!