tunic: new look (old)
blazer: internacionale *
belt: primark
leggings: american apparel
rings: H&M & love hearts and crosses *

Went to Worcester today to meet a old friend which was nice, Especially with the absolutely gorgeous weather we've had today. I love driving in the sun and listening to my music full blast. Feels so free and easy going. Had a awkward moment when I was singing along to A-Punk at a traffic light and looked across to the side and the man in the car next too me giving me the most dirty look ever! Bought a few bits and bobs and returned alot of things that have been lurking in my room. I have a two week rule, if I don't wear something within two weeks of buying it, Im probably not going to wear it so I have to return it, no matter how much I like it.

Internacionale kindly offered to give me a voucher after seeing that I'd mentioned them in my Look Magazine interview so I thought I'd go ahead and buy one of those light weight blazers most shops have in at the moment. New Look used to do them in loadsa colours, and I totally regretted not getting one at the time! Just paired it with a really old dress-shrunk-to-a-tunic that I've had for years now! Camel and black is one totally one of my favourite colour combinations.